Delivery Development

Top Velocity Pro’s delivery development will get you moving right in no time. Have you ever wanted to have your delivery compared to the best in the game? Do you want to move better down the mound? Or do you just want to throw harder? Our proprietary delivery software has been built through years of playing, scores of studies, and a deep understanding of how the best in the game move. Countless number of experts have been consulted and the result is the best delivery analysis in the game.

Using 36 unique data points Top Velocity Pro will provide you with a complete breakdown including a summary of your complete delivery, your Best 3 Movement, Bottom 3 Movements, and most importantly a plan for improving your delivery built together with you.

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Delivery Analysis

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Delivery Analysis

  • Top Velocity Pro Delivery Analysis gives you the most thorough delivery breakdown in the game. Our analysis will get you moving right today.

Pitch Development and Delivery Development

Top Velocity Pro Pitch Analytics and Delivery Development

  • See how your delivery and pitches change over time as you develop major league movements. Get the best of both worlds as Top Velocity Pro takes a deep dive into how your delivery and pitchers are intermixed. Includes full Data analysis and complete delivery development. We will do a full breakdown every other month for a total of 6 over the course of a year.

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