David Aardsma

About Top Velocity Pro

10 Year Major League Veteran David Aardsma and Top Velocity have teamed up to create Top Velocity Pro. Top Velocity Pro is for the player looking for the cutting edge. Top Velocity helped you develop elite mechanics, athleticism, health, and repeatability, now Top Velocity Pro is here to develop you into an elite pitcher.

Whether your goal is to be starting on Varsity, playing in College, getting Drafted, or playing in the Majors Top Velocity Pro is finally here to help you on your road to achieve your dreams.

Make Top Velocity Pro Your Secret Weapon.

Let Top Velocity Pro be your ace in the hole

Pitch Development

Top Velocity Pro Pitch Analytics brings advanced online pitch analysis to every player, coach, and team’s fingertips. Send Top Velocity Pro your pitch data from any ball tracking device and we will give you detailed descriptions of your pitches. This includes but will not be limited to the positives and negatives of your current pitches, Major League Baseball pitch grades, Major League Baseball pitch comparisons, opportunities for improvement, pitch target recommendations, and detailed suggestions of how you should adjust your pitches to best optimize your repertoire.

Data and Video Analysis

Pitching is the art of instilling fear

Sandy Koufax

Biomechanical Analysis

Delivery Development

  • Want to throw harder?
  • Move more efficiently?
  • Looking to optimize your delivery?

Let Top Velocity Pro and David Aardsma perform a complete breakdown of your Delivery. Using our proprietary software, we measure 36 different aspects of your delivery. Top Velocity Pro then compares your delivery qualities against the best and healthiest pitchers in the game. Together with you we will build a plan to address your needs and maximize your movements. You will not find a more thorough delivery breakdown anywhere else!


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